Wir sind wie Eisblume

Wir sind wie Eisblumen

Wir blühen in der Nacht

Wir sind wie Eisblumen

Viel zu schön für den Tag

wir sind wie Eisblumen

Kalt und schwarz ist unsere Nacht

Eisblumen blühen in der NachtEisblume – Eisblumen

My hair just couldn’t stop getting in the way and without any clips at home and it being to short to tie it together. I had to use a makeshift headband clipped together with a safety pin. So while listening to some music I came up with this idea,


Pattern in US terminology:

The pattern requires Sport weight cotton and hook size 2,5mm 
For the blue one, Catona colours: 164, 106,509 and 173 have been used
The rainbow used Catona colours: 115, 281, 282, 280, 205 and 397.

flower is worked in the round without joining unless otherwise told.

start with the inner circle:
round 1: 10sc in a magic ring
round 2: 2hdc in each st, join with a sl and cut yarn

Back Petal:
round 3: Backloop only, *sc, hdc, 3dc in 1 st, hdc, sc * repeat 3 times.
round 4: * sc, 2 hdc in 1st, 2dc in st, 1 tr, 2hdc in st, 2hdc in st, sc * repeat 3times. join with a sl and cut yarn.

With contrast color: 
round 5: sc in each stitch join with a slst and cut yarn.

Front Petal: 
Round 3: in the frontloops from round 2 *sc, hdc, 2dc in st, hdc, sc* repeat 3 times
round 4: sc, hdc, 2dc in st, 2dc in st, hdc, sc, join with a sl and cut yarn.

Now where going to make 2 slipstitch rounds on top of the red inner circle. 
With the yarn behind your work slip your needle between the stitches to make a surface slipstitch.

Now that you’ve finished your flower you can choose to add it to a hair tie, sew it on top of a safety pin as a brooch, glue it to a clasp or headband. 

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