2018 In review

The 1st of January means new years resolutions for most of us.
Of course I meant myself with that too. 

I had to come up with a few for this year even though they normally get broken within the first month.

  • Finish the projects started in 2018.
  • Make at least 2 patterns.
  • Learn new stitches
  • make something just for me.

Let’s review 2018.

A lot has happened in 2018 for me. I made a craft room for my sewing projects and I learned 2 new hobbies. Crochet and knitting.

let’s start with sewing.

ive made a dress for myself and a few outfits for my daughter.

In august i’ve finally learned to read patterns which led to my first finished object the scheepjes after party unicorn. which made me catch the crochet bug. after my first crochet garment i wanted to look for a dress pattern for my daughter.

Scheepjes after party unicorn. Isn’t she adorable 😍.
The forest dance dress. My first ever knitting project. 

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