Sneaky Slippery Snake

When life gives you lemons make lemonade.
When your partner challenges you to make something without a pattern, you make a ...? well in this case I made a snake. Or rather the start and end of a temperature snake.

Material List:

  • Catona:
  • 50 g for the head and tail
  • scraps or colours of choice for the body.
  • 1 pair of 10mm safety eyes
  • fiberfill
  • 2,5mm hook
  • stitch markers

Terminology Used:

US UK Dutch
ch chain chain ketting
sc single crochet double crochet vasten
sc2tog single crochet the next 2 together dc the next 2 together volgende 2 vasten samenhaken

I Used US terminology for the pattern (even-though most of my posts will be written in UK english).

For ease I have added a table with the crochet terminology in UK, US and dutch.

Temperature snake Pattern:


r1: ch 10

r2: ch1, 9sc, 4sc in 1s, on the other side of the chain, 9sc (22sc)

Here is a badly drawn chart to accompany the beginning of the pattern. You will need the written instructions but this is just for clarification.

r3: ch1, 9sc, (2sc in 1st) 4x, 9sc (26sc)
r4: ch1, 9sc, (2sc in 1, 1st) 4x, 9sc (30sc)
r5: ch1, 9sc, (2sc in 1, 2sc) 4x, 9sc (34sc)
r6: ch1, 9sc, (2sc in 1, 3sc) 4x, 9sc (38sc)
r7-9: ch1, sc till end (38sc)
r10: ch1, 9sc, (sc2tog, 3sc) 4x, 9sc (34 sc)
r11: ch1, 9sc, (sc2tog, 2sc) 4x, 9sc (30 sc)
r12: sc till end (30 sc)
r13: ch1, 9sc, (sc2tog, 1sc) 4x, 9sc (26 sc)
r14: ch1, 9sc, (sc2tog) 4x, 9sc (22sc)
r15: ch1, 9sc, (sc2tog) 2x, 9sc (20 sc)
leave a long tail and sew the jaw closed.


r1: ch 25
r2: ch1, sc 25
r3: ch1, sc 20, ch 5
r4: ch1, 25
cut yarn

Upper jaw

r1: ch 11
r2: ch1, 10sc, 4sc in 1st, proceed on the other side of the jaw, 10sc(24)
r3: ch1, 10sc, (2sc in 1st) 4x, 10sc (28)
r4: ch1, 10sc,( 2sc in 1, 1st) 4x, 10sc
r5: ch1, 10sc, (2sc in 1, 2sc) 4x, 10sc
r6: ch1, 10sc, (2sc in 1, 3sc) 4x, 10sc
r7: ch1 , 10sc( 2sc in 1, 4sc) 4x, 10sc
r8-10: ch1, sc till end
r11: ch1, 10sc, (sc2tog, 4sc) 4x, 10sc
r12:-r13: ch1, sc till end
r14: ch1, 10sc, (sc2tog, 3sc) 4x, 10sc
r15: ch1, 10sc, (sc2tog, 2sc) 4x, 10sc
r16: ch1, 10sc, (sc2tog, 1sc) 4x, 10sc
r17: ch1, 10sc, (sc2tog) 4x,10sc
r18: ch1, 10sc, (sc2tog) 2x. 10sc

leave a long tail and sew the jaw closed.

Pin everything together with the tongue sandwiched in between.
The closed seams made in the last step are circled in green

start to lightly stuff the mouth


Make the rest of the snake using the amigurumi method. Do not close the round with a slipstitch (halve vaste for those in the Netherlands and Belgium)
starting on the right side of the chin’s joint
r1: 9sc along the chin 20 sc over the top of the mouth 9sc over the bottom lip. (38)

r2: sc till end
Now that the mouth is crochet together sew the open seam shut making sure the tongue is still sandwiched in between.

r3: 13sc, (2sc in next,2sc)3x,13sc(41)
r4: 2sc in next, sc till end (42)
r5: (6sc, 2sc in next) 6x (48)
r6: sc till end

Add the eyes near the front on the upperjaw on both sides of the head.

r7: (7sc ,2sc in nex) x6 (54)
r8-12: sc till end
r13:( 7sc, sc2tog)6x (48)
r14: (6sc, sc2tog)6x(42)
r15: 2sc, sc2tog, 19sc, sc2tog, sc till end(40)
r16: 3sc, sc2tog, 17sc, sc2tog, sc till end(38)
r17: 3sc, sc2tog, 16sc, sc2tog,sc till end(36)
r18: sc till end(36)

stuff the head.


row 1 - desired length: 1sc in each sc (36)
Make sure to add stuffing to the body every 5-10 rows.


switch to main color

row 1-4: sc 36
row 5: (sc 4, sc2tog) 6x (30)
switch to cc1
row 6-7 sc 30

Want to add a colour?
repeat row 8-11

want less colours?
want to remove 1 colour?
skip row 8 - 11
want to remove 2 colours ?
skip row 8 - 15
remove 3 colours?

skip row 8 -19
switch to main:
row 8-9:  sc 30:
switch to cc2:
row 10-11: sc 30
switch to main:
row 12-13: sc 30
switch to cc3:
row 14-15: sc 30
switch to main:
row 16-17: sc 30
switch to cc 4:
row 18-19: sc 30:
switch to main:
row 20: (sc 3, sc2tog) x6 (24)
row 21: sc 24
switch to cc 5:
row 22-23: sc 24
switch to main:
row 24-25: sc 24
switch to cc 6:
row 26-27: sc 24
switch to main:
row 28-29: sc 24
switch to cc 7:
row 30-31: sc 24
switch to main:
row 32: (sc2, sc2tog) x6 (18)
33: sc 18
switch to cc 8:
row 34-35: sc 18
switch to main:
36-37: sc18
38: (sc 1,s c2tog) x6 (12)
39-41: sc 12
42: (sc2tog) x6 (6)

Leave a long tail to close the hole.

In need of assistance or found a mistake.
Leave a message or send me an email @: nicole.maakt [AT] gmail [.] com
And please be gentle. This is my first pattern.

7 thoughts on “Sneaky Slippery Snake”

  1. Hi there, I love the look of this snake 🙂 Are you able to add how many stitches there are at end of rounds for chin and upper jaw? I’m still learning and it helps to know what you should have at end of rounds. Also one other thing what does cc mean?? Thank you 🙂

    1. If I remember (I can be rather forgetful to be honest) I’ll add them later today.

      CC means Contrast colour (mc = main colour)

      I planned the snake with 8 colours for the body and 1 for main but I did add a colour to the temperature chart for a different project
      I’ll also add a note on how to adjust the number of Contrast colours in the tail (in case someone wants to use more or less colours for his/her snake)

  2. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this superb blog!
    I guess for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.
    I look forward to brand new updates and will share this website
    with my Facebook group. Chat soon!

    1. I never even thought people would want to donate to this little humble “blog”. (Can I count this as a blog when I only use it for my patterns and not as a log?)

      Anyway, I’ve got some little projects planned to add in the near future. Hope to hear from you soon, Nicole

      (and I added a donate button because I still need some more experience with writing patterns before I can sell them and I’m a yarn addict 😉 )

  3. Heya just wanted to giive you a quick heads up and let
    you know a few of thhe images aren’t loading properly.
    I’m not sre why but I think its a linkinng issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.

    1. Thank you for you the heads up. At this point I’m not sure if it’s because of the host I’m using (which often has some problems with downtime) or if something went wrong after an update. But I’m going to check it out in depth this week.

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