Temperature Basket

I can’t sit still, I always have 20 different project ideas running around in my head. When I started the snake and tried to organise my WIPs (work in progress projects) I found out I needed to make a few baskets. Knowing myself it would actually end up on the WIP pile if I tried to make a few. So I had to adapt my idea and turn it into something I’d actually finish and so it became a temperature basket.

1 basket a month for 12 months sounds doable right? well… the first basket only took about 1 month albeit that month went from 16 January till 16 February 😂

the pattern is quiet easy It only consist of a chainstitches, single crochet and a magic circle, thought the magic circle can be substituted by a chain 2 and crocheting in the second stitch from the hook.

Requirements and Colours

– 5.9388brown-red
-4 -0.9115red
16-20.9146light blue
21-25.9201dark blue

So these where the colours I just for my temperature projects. I know, I know, it’s a bit weird for me to start with Reds for cold and using the blues for hot.

I used white for the bottom and the handles

Material List:

  • Catona approx 50g total
  • 2,5mm hook
  • stitch marker

Start with a round bottom:

Round 1: in a magic circle, 6sc(6)
round 2: (2sc in each st) 6x (12)
round 3: (2sc in 1, 1sc) 6x(18)
round 4: (2sc in 1, 2sc) 6x(24)
round 5: (2sc in 1, 3sc) 6x(30)
round 6:( 2sc in 1, 4sc) 6x(36)
round 7: (2sc in 1, 5sc) 6x (42)
round 8: 2sc in 1, 6sc (48)
round 9: 2sc in 1, 7sc (54)
round 10: 2sc in 1, 8sc(60)
round 11: 2sc in 1, 9sc(66)
round 12: 2sc in 1, 10sc(72)
round 13: 2sc in 1, 11sc(78)
round 14: 2sc in 1, 12sc(84)
round 15: 2sc in 1, 13sc(90)
round 16: 2sc in 1, 14sc(96)


each day I made 40 single crochet stitches in low temperature and 40 high, don’t close the end of the round with a slipstitch, and ignore the fact that the first round isn’t filled at the end of day 1.

Now it’s time to decide between a fold over brim and handles

fold over brim:

crochet 8 rounds of single crochet with white or your colour used for the bottom. finish the basket with a crab stitch or another edging of choice.


with the colour used for the bottom:
round 1-3: 1 sc in each sc(96)
round 4: ch15, skipping 15 stitches, sc 33, ch 15, skipping 15 stitches sc till end of round.(96)
round 5-7: sc 96

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