The apple watch strap.

While browsing the internet, I found some Apple watch strap connectors and I just had to make my own watchband. So I bought them, waited impatiently for them to arrive and when they did I had to use them immediately.

Here is the result of my first try, I started with 6 colours. When it was finished it started to curve and after cutting the yarn ends frogged itself. So I had to start over again.

I can honestly say my second try went so much better, I added 2 lighter colours a blue and grey and made sure to make my knots tight and I finally had the result I was looking for. Adding the buckle was a bit more finicky than I had expected, but i’m glad I did.

I’ve been wearing the strap for the last few days, and while it’s a great strap for everyday, if you have to work behind a computer the whole day the buckle is not as comfortable as I had hoped. But that’s something I’m going to adjust when I make the next strap.

I can’t wait till my ordered strap connectors are in so I can make more straps.

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