Scruffy Shower Puffy

Stuck for ideas? Take a long hot shower. If you don’t get any new ideas, at least you’ll be clean.

Material List:

  • Scheepjes Catona or Grundl cotton quick print
  • 2.5 mm hook and 3mm hook.
  • optional: stitchmarker


With 2.5 mm hook. ch 50, ss into the first stitch. This forms the strap. ch6, ss into the first stitch this makes the small the small loop which we’ll turn into the loofah itself.

With the 3 mm hook.
round 1: ch3(counts as a dc), make 39 DCs in the small loop. round ss.
round 2: ch3(counts as first dc) 2dc in the same stitch, 3dc in each dc.
round 3-4: repeat round 2.


variation 1: Make round 1-3 in a single color and use a contrasting color for row 4.

variation 2: Make a 5th round with Rico Bubble for extra scrubbiness.

variation 3: use different colors for each round.

variation 4: double layered. starting round 1 do I round in the front loops and 1 round in the back loops.

variation 5: Use different size yarn. Instead of the chain 50 chain enough to wrap it once around your palm. Make the chain stitches as tight as possible.

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